Ron Jefferies - Annals of Kate Oneal

by John Turner

Posted on January 27, 2010

While I was re-reading JUnit Recipes recently I followed one of the suggested links to Ron Jefferies website on Extreme Programming. Ron provides some really interesting material on his website but one of the things that I really liked was the Annals of Kate Oneal.

Anyone who has read one of the Head First series of books will be familiar with a conversational style of writing that introduces concepts progressively through fictitious scenarios. Ron uses a similar approach with the ‘Annals of Kate Oneal’ through which he presents Agile ideas and concepts.

The ‘Annals of Kate Oneal’ are presented in a series of bite size stories centered on Kate Oneal, who is advocating Agile methods to a company that has had difficulty using traditional approaches to software development. As an advocate, Kate is often explaining the advantages of Agile from different perspectives and to different audiences. She also has to deal with the practical aspects of introducing Agile to a company that has no previous exposure, so is often found in the role of a mentor.

I am not going to describe her tales any further but, if you haven’t done so already, I do recommend you visit Ron Jefferies website and read the ‘Annals of Kate Oneal’.