With extensive experience with a number of IaaS and PaaS providers John is well positioned to assist organisations in their cloud adoption. John is passionate about delivering business impact by utilising cloud and cloud orchestration to minimise the cycle time from concept to cash.

John is a participative leader who enjoys working with creative and passionate people to drive meaningful and lasting transformation. He leads teams that strive to deliver measurable business outcomes.

John has a history of designing and building highly scalable systems using his extensive knowledge of open source software.

  • Head of Cloud Engineering

    June 2015 - Present
    • Developed and deployed a Cloud Reference Architecture for AWS, enabling cloud adoption with appropriate controls and oversight.
    • Recruited and led a multidisciplinary team.
    • Designed and developed automation services for software build, deploy and run.
    • Deployed OpenStack in various configurations to verify certain capabilities.
    • Performed a technical evaluation of AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Continuous Delivery Principal

    Nov 2014 - May 2015
    • Built a Platform as a Service proof of concept to facilitate the build and deployment of in-house applications to public and private cloud infrastructure.
  • Software Development Manager

    Paddy Power
    Aug 2011 - Oct 2014
    • Introduced and evolved the adoption of Agile and Lean processes and practices.
    • Established and implemented an application centric private cloud strategy.
    • Eliminated the environment and configuration management activity within an application development function through automation.
    • Substantially reduced project initiation and feature cycle time delivering a 20% uplift in throughput.
    • Developed the architecture for the product and pricing distribution system.
    • Led technology selection for the replacement of the standard application container, messaging infrastructure, persistence and monitoring technologies.
    • Supported the implementation and adoption of NoSQL solutions, specifically Cassandra.
    • Managed and maintained the sportsbook back office trading system.
  • Software Development Manager

    Bank of Ireland
    Feb 2010 - July 2011
    • Recruited and led a multidisciplinary team.
    • Introduced agile, specifically Scrum, and associated technical processes and practices.
    • Coached project management on agile estimating and planning.
    • Coached development and test on agile test processes and principles focusing on automation.
    • Established continuous integration and rudimentary continuous delivery capability.
    • Established a number of distributed agile teams located in Ireland and India.
    • Facilitated project orientation sessions to accelerate shared understanding and commitment to project objectives.
  • Software Engineer

    Under Contract - Various
    Mar 2003 - July 2010
    • Designed components, performance tested and resolved issues for a back office payments system.
    • Developed secure web services (XML over HTTPS) for vehicle tax liability management.
    • Developed batch and online payments processing functionality.
    • Developed social networking components for a telecommunications provider.
    • Designed and developed a telecommunications provisioning gateway.
    • Evaluated ESB technologies and developed use cases to demonstrate capabilities, limitations etc.
    • Developed workflow components (decision and action handlers) to support insurance business processes.
  • Solutions Architect

    Fineos Corporation
    Mar 2000 - Mar 2003
    • Responsible for delivering customer implementations of a highly customisable CRM and workflow product.
    • Liaised between product development and key clients.
    • Designed and developed bespoke components and integration services.
    • Delivered developer training to client teams.
  • Software Engineer

    Prudential Europe
    June 1999 - Mar 2000
  • Software Engineer

    Ark Life Assurance
    June 1997 - Sept 1998